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Locale is the leading platform for property management in the UK

Locale is the only company in the UK to specialise in commercial, residential and mixed property management software. Locale’s cutting edge portals are used by some of the most iconic, high profile developments and management companies in Europe. Locale’s proven ability to forecast future trends and client-focused approach to business has ensured that we are widely recognised as experts in our field.

Locale is the leading platform for property management in the UK

Outstanding level of customer satisfaction

Locale offers an unparalleled service for portfolios or single buildings. Service has always remained a key focus, from the setup of the portal to ensuring it’s being used correctly for the benefit of the client. Professionalism, high levels of service, constant innovation and a strong work ethic has ensured that we retain loyal clients who choose to use us in future developments.

Outstanding level of customer satisfaction

Secure and reliable

Locale are ISO 9001:2015 certified. This means we have met the criteria for a quality management system which prioritises customer focus, leadership, engagement of people, process approach, improvement, evidence-based decision making, and relationship management. This system ensures our customers get consistently good, quality products and services.

Secure and reliable

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Locale organises your processes and communication online

See how Locale works

Locale in Numbers

Our management software is used by some of the UK’s most prestigious property brands and iconic landmarks. Over 200 buildings trust Locale.



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Our Team

Guy Windsor-Lewis
Guy Windsor-Lewis Founder & CEO

David Simpson
David Simpson Chairman

Daniel O'Gorman
Daniel O’Gorman CPO

Toni Delli-Compagni
Toni Delli-Compagni General Manager

Jack Greensted
Jack Greensted Head of Sales and Marketing

Karen McCarthy
Karen McCarthy Head of Client Services

Guy Adderley
Guy Adderley Commercial Manager

Jade Murley
Jade Murley Senior Project Manager

Jonathan Cresshull
Jonathan Cresshull Lead Developer

Justin Pilditch
Justin Pilditch Developer

Richard Connett
Richard Connett Developer

Julie Fernandes
Julie Fernandes UX Designer

Sarah Vandecruys
Sarah Vandecruys Financial Accountant

Becky Mew
Becky Mew PR & Marketing Manager

Jael Russell-Cartwright
Jael Russell-Cartwright Sales Executive

Hannah Robinson
Hannah Robinson Project Manager

Joanne McIntosh
Joanne McIntosh Client Services Executive

Frances Agoncillo
Frances Agoncillo Support Desk Supervisor

Eszter Deritei
Eszter Deritei Client Services Executive

Latest Blog Posts


This week has been teeming with special anniversaries; work-related, of course! Congratulations to our General Manager, Toni, for five years of working at Locale. Toni began her Locale journey as a Project Manager and as the company grew and changed, she transformed roles and rose in the ranks. Toni is an invaluable member of our team, helping to keep all the cogs turning in our well-oiled machine. We marked this occasion as well as could be, with flowers and champagne for Toni and a selection of delicious cakes to choose from (although having more than one option proved troublesome). Safe to say, celebrating half a decade of working with Locale could not have been sweeter! More anniversaries were celebrated, also, as Jade, Jo and Guy A have been working with Locale for two years and Eszter has been with us for one year! Jade has now moved from the production to the development team, Guy A works as a Commercial Manager, and both Jo and Eszter work within the Client Services division. Congratulations, team, and to many more years! (We hope!)

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Locale Dines At Quod!

The day was Tuesday 29th May 2018. The time was 5:30 pm. In the Locale office, computers were being shut down, desks were being tidied, windows were being closed, and the team were getting ready to leave. But they couldn’t. It’s wasn’t time yet. Jade was under strict instructions not to let anyone arrive before 6:00 pm. It was only around the corner, so they had to wait. Armed ready with coats and bags, the team were impatient (although some more than others). Some of the team and I won’t name names, banded together to form a rebellion. And it was somewhat successful. As the volume of growling stomachs ascended, the sounds united to form a melodic crescendo; they could wait no longer, it was time. At precisely 5:56 pm, the team arrived at Quod in Oxford, which has been described as the ‘hidden heart of the city’. Peering into the restaurant from the bustling High Street, the lively Mediterranean environment was a welcome sight. Savouring the delicious, classic European food aromas and absorbing the sophisticated, relaxed atmosphere, we were led into a hidden chamber within; the private dining room. Toni met us, holding a glass of wine and a smile. The table was adorned with helium-filled balloons, the room meticulously decorated. Thematic golds and creams subtly enhanced the beautiful ambience of the space. Personalised menus corresponded with the seating plan (which are always very helpful when you’ve forgotten the courses you’d chosen) and each member of the team was skillfully poured and handed a glass of champagne; evidently, Toni had delivered yet another glamorous event. For Louise, Rob and Julie (left, second from the right and second from the left) it was their first social event with the team. They all agreed that it was lovely to see everyone outside of work, in an informal setting. It also provided a wonderful opportunity to develop foundations within the team and build relationships with each other. Soon enough, while the champagne was flowing and after a chorus of cheers played out, the team found their places and took their seats. Our menus were as follows:


Chilled Vichyssoise

Seabass carpaccio, chilli, lemon & basil

Prosciutto, mushroom & taleggio pizzetta

Avocado vinaigrette


Tagliatelle with pork, lemon & sage ragu

Spatchcock baby chicken, homemade chips & hot pepper sauce

Burrata, chicory, radishes, tomatoes & chickpeas

Salmon fishcakes, spinach, tartare sauce


Peaches, poached & sorbet

Today’s cheesecake

Salted caramel ice cream & honeycomb

Goat’s cheese, honey & crackers

Tea & coffee

Guy A decided that three courses simply wasn’t enough of a meal, and chose instead to have six! Yes, he did indeed roll home, and rolled back into the office the next morning, too! Rob informed me that his favourite dish of the three was his main: the pork tagliatelle. Now, this is up for debate, as many consider the chicken to have been the best main, but I’d have to agree with him. Of all meals and places, if you’re after an excellent dining experience with delicious cuisine, I’d certainly recommend Quod, and I’d certainly suggest the pork tagliatelle. Just to reiterate: Quod. Pork. Tagliatelle. The slick service of the staff also does not disappoint, as they deliver the unique dishes with flair and smiles. After dinner, the evening evolved into a game of charades (led by Guy W-L). With more wine flowing into glasses (and magically disappearing) this became interesting. From Indiana Jones and American Beauty to Up (which must have been the quickest combination of action and correct guess in the history of charades) the Locale team utilised their creative skill set, and we eventually guessed them all! (Pat yourselves on the backs, team!) Karen suggested to everyone that we play the word association game. This was one of the highlights of the evening shared by all. By this point, the wine has been flowing some more and the number of empty bottles was surpassing the full ones, so you can imagine that playing this game proved rather difficult. Julie appreciated how the team chose to play a few rounds of the game in French (who did surprisingly well!), and Karen admitted that there were some very interesting comments made in the English rounds! One by one, we trailed off home with our bellies full, and feeling well and truly entertained.

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Locale Employee Of The Quarter!

This week, we announced our Employee of the Quarter January to March, Jonathan! We also announced our runner-up – Eszter! Our Lead Developer, Jonathan, has been with Locale for almost a year and proven to be a valued, hard-working member of the team. Eszter, our Client Services Executive, is dedicated to delivering continuous assistance and a high standard of customer service to our clients. Eszter has also become a key member of the Locale team in just a year, and both awards are very well deserved. Our Employee of the Quarter award is peer-voted, so these winnings are a true testament to the value of both Jonathan and Eszter to the company. Congratulations both!

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