Create a place your will love

Create a place your

will love

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Create a place where people want to work

To win in the talent war, businesses need to boast an exceptional workplace, with fantastic amenities, a strong community and access to the best services. Employees look for smart teams, great managers and a company with shared values and a mission, but often staff are simply won over by a great office experience.

Create a place where people want to work

Keep everything running smoothly

Improve service with a complete range of tools to keep tenants, owners, suppliers and staff aware of actions, progress and outcomes.

Keep everything running smoothly

Stand apart from the competition with services that delight your occupiers

Ensure your occupiers can access information and services on demand. Our professional commercial property dashboards are easy to customise for specific roles, including management teams, accountants and tenant FMs

Stand apart from the competition with services that delight your occupiers

Locale fits your style

Our white-labelled commercial property portals with custom themes are designed to fit with and complement the look and feel of your brand.

Locale fits your style
News & Events

View everything in one place and keep everyone up to date with all the latest news and information on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile.

Inhabit CMS

The leading Content Management System designed specifically for the property sector, enabling intelligent data management


Notify tenants about deliveries, scheduled maintenance and events. Customisation allows staff to message groups or individuals.


A new and improved Visitor Management System handles the entire process from visitor data entry to printing professionally branded badges. Sign in a visitor on arrival, pre-register their details as well as schedule future visits.


Book facilities and meeting rooms quickly and conveniently and receive a calendar reminder wherever you are.

Digital Forms

Manage your forms and applications digitally with our customisable forms and workflow builder

Property Information

Centralised data base for all information about the building, estate, management and tenants.

Community Offers

Live, up to date local information and exclusive offers

Insight Analytics

Improve performance with dashboard reporting insights and sophisticated business Intelligence

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Run your building more efficiently, engage with your community, and deliver experiences that set you apart from the competition

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What features does Locale have?

Everything from News & Events to Visitor Bookings. The system is modular so you can pick & choose what works for you.

How is it priced?

Locale is competitively priced according to your needs. This is based on how many buildings you’re managing and how many features you’d like.

Does it work on my phone or tablet?

Yes absolutely, the portals are accessible across all devices.

How quickly can I launch?

We aim to get you up and running the same day if you’re organised! As long as we have the branding and property information, you’re all set.

What happens once it’s live?

We’re always there to support you. We have dedicated support and client services teams who will ensure you gain maximum benefit from the system.

Can I integrate it with other systems?

Absolutely. We are integration ready – if we don’t already have the integration you’re after, let us know & we’ll investigate.