We are celebrating National Customer Service Week and today’s theme is agility.

Ensuring we get back to our customers within a timely fashion is of up-most importance to Locale. So important in fact, that we promise to get back to our customers within four hours or less and our usual response time is less than forty minutes!

Jael from the Sales team knows all about being agile where customers are concerned and is always thinking on her feet, helping our customers to feel at ease with our property management portal. One very satisfied customer described her as ‘a true champion for Locale & customers who are new to Locale’.

Louise from the Production team applies her artistic skills to think of creative ways to provide timely training for our clients. The online videos she has designed give clients instant access to important information, making sure they get the most out of Locale’s property management portals at the touch of a button.


We offer live demos of our solutions to anyone wishing to transform their building management and occupier experience. To book yours, http://bit.ly/2N3oHIp

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