Locale’s promise of excellence

We are celebrating National Customer Service Week and today’s theme is insight.  At Locale, we pride ourselves on our customer insight, always making sure we have a genuine understanding of customer needs in order to provide excellent customer service. 

We promise to provide excellence to all our customers; ensuring every day that they are getting the most out of our property management platform and resolving any issues as soon as possible.

Sam and Lovisa from our Client Services team tell us how they use their customer insight to keep this promise of excellence:

Sam has recently joined the Client Services team at Locale and is focusing on understanding what our customers need and what good service looks like to them. Sam finds one of the best ways to gain customer insight is sharing experiences with his colleagues so that he can continuously improve.

Lovisa is our Client Services Team Leader and is dedicated to providing great experiences for customers by always going that extra mile and creating  strong relationships. Every day she is inspired by our customers enthusiasm and passion for Locale’s property management portals, which makes keeping her promise of service excellence easy.


Why not experience our service for yourself? We offer live demos of our solutions to anyone wishing to transform their building management, and enhance occupier experience. To book yours, http://bit.ly/2N3oHIp

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