Welcome to 2020! As always, here at Locale like to award excellence!
The results are in for Employee of the Quater January – March  2020 are in!


Congratulations to our Runner Up…. Geoff! 
Geoff is our Finance Manager and has been with the company for almost a year.

Our Office Manager, Marta had this to say:

 “Geoff is a massive help, he is our Finance Manager but no job is too small for him and that is really nice. When it was only both os us in our pod for a few times by the end of last year he was the first one to come forward to help me with EVERYTHING even when he was super swamped. He is the first one to say he would sort groceries or petty cash for me if I need to be off. Again, no job is too small for him to help me and that means the world.”


And now for our winner, Congratulations to… Mattie!
Mattie is our Junior Software Tester and has been with the company for a year.

.Our Lead Developer, Jonathan had this to say:

“Willingness to learn new testing methodologies, willingness to take on SCRUM management and lead the team’s project planning meetings and standups, creating (eventually) a keys video, endlessly testing and re-testing the work of our development team, plus additional testing before everything goes live, does all of this with a smile on his face and while telling the worlds worst dad jokes. So hard to believe that, just over a year ago, he was working in a shoe shop. The development team really wouldn’t be the same without him.”


Our Employee of the Quarter award is peer-voted, so these winnings are a true testament to the value of Mattie and Geoff to the company. All awards are very well deserved. Congratulations to both!

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