Intelligent buildings are now a reality, modern homes, offices and commercial spaces that are being designed to be smart, efficient and provide a user experience. For some, this can be a scary prospect… does this mean that we must invest heavily in technology for our buildings to keep up, to get sticky occupiers? We believe the answer is no, not necessarily. Property technology or “PropTech” doesn’t have to mean radical change, simple digitisation of processes and integration with existing processes  can drive efficiency as well as creating an attractive place for occupiers.

We offer live demos of our solutions to anyone wishing to transform their building management, and enhance occupier experience. To book yours,

How can a Locale management portal drive building efficiency & experiences?

  1. Remote access– Locale’s custom-built management portals are now available as an app. Wherever you are, whether owner, manager or occupier you can now be connected to your building
  2. Real-time data– Use our portal to track the building’s usage and get feedback on what works and what needs improving
  3. Digitised processes– Locale brings together all day-to-day processes, with one central portal to keep track
  4. Complete connectivity – Our portal can be used on multiple estates, giving you the tools to monitor processes centrally
  5. Live updates– Locale saves you precious time composing multiple communications with its online announcements and push notifications, you can automate important updates and messages with the push of a button.

At Locale, we believe that a truly great service is about delivering a solution that is built on genuine insight into customer’s needs.

We offer live demos of our solutions to anyone wishing to transform their building management. To book yours,

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