On your marks… get set… BAKE!

As a rather multi-cultural office, we decided to take part in our own Olympic games this year, ‘Locale’s Great Olympic Bake Off’. 

Each of our team members represented a country they had an association with and baked a traditional cake from that area. Ireland, Jamaica, and South Africa was just a few of the countries chosen to be represented.

We had two English classics: Victoria sandwich cake with raspberries and Bakewell tarts, an American salted caramel apple pie, Dutch Kletskopjes, a traditional Jamaican ginger and rum cake, South African peppermint crisp tarts, an Irish chocolate fridge cake and last but not least…Canadian beaver cupcakes!

Representing Ireland was our Client Services Manager, Scott. He decided to make a chocolate fridge cake in the colours of the Irish flag, he said: ” It was another great day in the office, I definitely won the awards for sweetest and most original. If you’re looking for best tasting then Jael was the winner with her Jamaican rum cake but a great effort by everyone!”