The team

The Leadership

Meet our Founder and CEO

Guy Windsor-Lewis
Guy Windsor-Lewis CEO & Founder

Client Services

Meet our experienced team of customer service professionals.

Karen McCarthy
Karen McCarthy Head of Client Services

Gabriel Scorteanu
Gabriel Scorteanu Client Services Team Leader

Rosie Moss
Rosie Moss Client Services Executive

Sales & Marketing

Meet our property technology and occupier experience experts

Rob Maxwell
Rob Maxwell Senior Sales Manager

Anna Abramova
Anna Abramova Account Manager

Caitlin Cook
Caitlin Cook Marketing Executive

Matt Shelbourne
Matt Shelbourne Media Executive

Locale Life

Meet our lifestyle and occupier experience advisors

Laura Burson
Laura Burson Business Development Director Locale Life

Gabrielle Russell
Gabrielle Russell Locale Life Executive

Locale Look

Meet our experts in visual communications and content

Jo Morris
Jo Morris Director Locale Look

Cass Brown
Cass Brown Locale Look Executive


Meet the team behind our intelligent property technology

Dan O'Gorman
Dan O’Gorman Chief Product Officer

Jade Murley
Jade Murley Product Owner

Jonathan Cresshull
Jonathan Cresshull Lead Developer

Richard Connett
Richard Connett Developer

John McCann
John McCann Developer

Shaun Richens-Rudra
Shaun Richens-Rudra UX Designer

Mattie McDonagh
Mattie McDonagh Scrum Master & QA

Andy Pegram
Andy Pegram Developer

Alan Ciccotelli
Alan Ciccotelli Developer

Finance & Administration

Meet our finance, operations and administration team

Toni Delli Compagni
Toni Delli Compagni Chief Operating Officer

Marta Gonçalves do Couto
Marta Gonçalves do Couto Office Manager

Geoff Kerins
Geoff Kerins Group Financial Controller