Recently Locale’s Founder and Managing Director, Guy Windsor-Lewis, spoke to PFM Magazine about the benefits of sourcing a comprehensive communication technology solution.

Technology envelopes our society, it has changed the way we communicate with others, how we process information, it effects every part of our day-to-day lives. More importantly, in our industry, it has changed the way we develop and maintain buildings. According to the BBC, by the end of 2015, nearly 3.2 billion people had access to the internet, just under half of the worlds entire population.

With the thought of a more connected world in mind, attention turned to occupier technology within buildings. Over the past 10 years there has been an increase in companies specialising in estate management systems. Many offer enhanced communications, allowing the tenant or resident to be the first to know of any building update through email or text. This notification is almost instantaneous. If we look back 10 years or more, this communication would have been done through word-of-mouth or through post. It’s the instant connection which makes this feature on many estate management systems special.

This corresponds to the changes we have seen in facility management over the past decade. We have seen a change in the workforce demographic. Building management has opened up and allowed new faces to come through, resulting in a ‘fresher’ approach of how to run a building. This new approach has allowed occupier technology to develop resulting in higher ROI’s for companies by sourcing an effective long-term solution.

Not only is occupier technology an instant and efficient process, it also allows those using it total visibility. More often than not, permission based access on the technology provides all users with a custom view, allowing for editorial access and control. This visibility through targeted communications works for the tenant and resident by allowing them to see only the information they need to see and allows the building manager to see and understand everything. Targeted communications are also key when managing the estate. Instant contact to relevant and selected people results in a proactive management service, managed reactions and increased occupier satisfaction.

As technology becomes more important in the way we develop and run buildings, occupiers are reaching out for enhanced communications and more visibility to effectively run a building efficiently. Due to this increasing connected world and more people having access to the internet there is an increased need for smarter technology in buildings for the occupiers.