Our Q4 Award Winners have just been announced and we would love to extend a huge congratulations to Luis Da Silva from Hyde Park Estate and Richard Griffiths and the team at Renaissance (BRAM). 

The Proactivity Award was awarded to Luis Da Silva for taking on the new Deliveries module with ease. He also encouraged all residents and Concierge staff to use this resulting in a smooth and efficient process.

When Luis was asked about his experience with the portal, he had this to say: “I can definitely say we are more than happy with the system, it saves us a lot of hassle and confusion and is time efficient.

“It allows the concierge to log a large amount of parcels whereas before they had to manually write everything down. Previously the most frustrating thing was to make note of all the consignment numbers and now we can do this with one click of the barcode scanner.

“Also we can always export the logs and look through the details if we have any problems but so far we haven’t had any which is great.”

Richard Griffiths and the team at Renaissance received the award for Efficiency this quarter.  Renaissance were faced with the task of re-registering all residents after their portal had been upgraded last month. Within the first week, Richard and the team had already achieved outstanding registration levels of over 60%.

Congratulations to all of the Q4 Award Winners!