A brand new software update! Over the past few months we have seen an increasing number of users from our residential portals owning multiple properties on a single site.

Our latest portals feature an upgraded Account Settings, meaning owners can now choose to see information relating to a single unit or all of their properties. If you have owners with multiple apartments, please communicate this upgrade to them.

Scott Craig, Client Services Manager at Locale, said: “The upgrade is a great feature for those residents with multiple properties in a single development. It is now easier than ever to see information relating to one or all of your properties. Before the upgrade, Owners only had access to view documents for all apartments and were unable to filter to a specific apartment.

“We hope that everyone finds the upgrade easy to use and a brilliant addition to their portal site.”

Please note, as an admin user tagged to all properties, you will not be able to see the ‘Select Properties’ option in the My Account drop down.

If you have any questions please contact the Client Services department who will be happy to assist.