At Locale we pride ourselves on being able to supply renowned customer service for our clients.

In order to provide this service, we use a cloud-based customer service platform known as Zendesk.

Daniel O’Gorman, Head of Production, overseas the platform. “Zendesk is used by our Production and Client Services team as a platform to manage any incoming support queries and to communicate with our clients.

“Customer service is of utmost importance for us, we want users to be happy with the system and seeing it’s full benefit.”

In October our average First Reply Time – the time it take for our team to relpy to a ticket with a solution was 7 hours. This has decreased by 3.1 hours since September. Our time is also 16 hours shorter than the average Zendesk customer, making us quicker than 87% of other Zendesk customers to respond.

Fantastic customer service doesn’t end there. Our One-touch Resolution – the percentage of tickets resolved in one agent interaction is 13% higher than the average Zendesk customer at 53%. This means the team is 71% more efficient than other Zendesk customers.

As you can see from the figures, a lot of our client queries are solved through Zendesk or on the phone. However if there is a bigger issue, a member of our team will visit the development, building or estate to deal with the problem directly.

The platform can also be used for maintenance. Daniel continued: “We get a lot of maintenance messages. If one of our clients wanted something updating on the portal they would send it to our support desk and we would update their site for them.

“It’s not just a place where they can log their problems, it’s place where they can send us documents, events, or announcements to upload.”

Our customer service is second to none, we aim to provide the highest quality of support possible whether it is through Zendesk, on the phone or in person, we are here to help you.