Training videos have recently been added to the portal under the help section.

In a further bid to support our building managers, we have created a number of training videos. These videos are designed to provide simple instructions and advice on using the Locale portal and key building management tools such as logging a new delivery to changing a password. It also includes frequently asked questions.

Daniel O’Gorman, Head of Production at Locale, said: “We created the training videos to provide quick, clear guides for users in an easily digestible format. The videos are able to be accessed whenever they’re needed, on any device.

“They’re simple and by having a visual guide makes it easier for users. Each user will progress on the portal at their own speeds, so having a pause button is handy as they can complete their problem in their own time and fully understand the solution for the future.”

This is an incredibly useful tool if you are employing temporary staff or whether you are just keen to brush up on your skills.

If you require assistance, feel free to contact our Client Services team who will endeavour to help you.