We’re with Piero Ferrari, a building manager for BNP Paribas Real Estate, to ask him about his experience with Locale. Piero manages 200 Aldersgate which is 434,005 sq ft of commercial property in the City of London. The property is recognisable for its standout neon artwork in the front windows ‘Revolution – in two parts’ by Rob and Nick Carter.

Piero is responsible for managing the building, and assets on behalf of clients – including the managing maintenance, finance, healthy & safety and ensuring occupier satisfaction. 200 Aldersgate has been using Locale to provide a seamless system for management and experience within the building – giving Piero time back to focus on his clients.

‘Our main objective at 200 Aldersgate is to maintain the building as well as we can. Locale is the perfect channel to inform the occupiers about any work or maintenance going on and invite input and feedback as well’

200 Aldersgate ‘A Revolution – In Two Parts’ by Rob & Nick Carter

‘Locale is also a platform for sharing and showcasing what we do in the building’

200 Aldersgate, like many successful commercial spaces, takes pride in delivering high levels of customer experience through events in the building and a selection of exclusive offers for local restaurants and services.

Piero, like anything introducing technology can sometimes be an adjustment. Tell us about how you’ve managed this at 200 Aldersgate?

‘Of course it takes time to introduce a new way of management and communication within a commercial building, but the more I put something on the Locale platform, the more the occupiers know that this is the central hub for information. We are able to instantly eliminate the need for constant emails – so for example a routine fire drill or pop-up event can now be communicated via the Locale portal.’

We’re keen to know, how would you describe the system?

‘Locale is the hub of the building’

‘When it comes to providing information to the occupiers – everything is there. From local offers & promotions to building guides and reception information. Locale is the central point of information for the building, where all occupiers go first to find out what’s going on or communicate with building staff. Locale also go the extra mile to discuss future development with us, including round table discussions that allow us to find out what’s coming up, how we can better involve our occupiers and asking our suggestions for the platform’

A big thank you to Piero Ferrari and BNP Paribas RE for talking with us today.


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