The quick answer is YES! Everyone is talking about tenant experience and placemaking, but how can it realistically add value to a building or portfolio without taking up all your time and resources?

Locale property management portals provide a wealth of lifestyle services that are tailored to your area and occupier needs. Helping you add value to your building portfolio and create a customer experience easily and efficiently.

Why not book a live demo with our placemaking experts to see how Locale can help you add value?

If you need further proof, a recent report by experts CBREPlacemaking – Value and the public realm’ has reviewed placemaking projects, assessing their social benefit and financial value. Their conclusion is overwhelmingly yes, “a building or portfolio that provides a healthy and happy place for its occupiers creates well-being and value uplift” and it does this in the following ways:

  1. Creates a destination – boosts the local economy through the establishment of new commercial or recreational facilities and makes the space more attractive to occupiers
  2. Creates a character – defines a newly developed area as a point of interest and more importantly a social community, increasing occupier retention
  3. Creates versatility – makes a space into a service and a multi-functional area that can be used for well-being events, work or play
  4. Creates a service – ensures the space is offering a customer-experience, which gives the space versatility for value-added activities and event

We’d love to hear your comments about placemaking – what aspects do you think will add value to your building or portfolio?

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