In a world of instant connectivity in our personal and professional lives, why wouldn’t you now expect your home or workplace to talk to you? Investors, occupiers and property managers are raising the stakes and expecting a space that provides a service and connects them to the people and facilities within it.

We offer live demos of our solutions to anyone wishing to transform their building management and occupier well-being. To book yours,

How can a Locale management portal change the way you communicate?

  1. Be automatic– Locale’s intuitive property management portal gives you the freedom to schedule or instantly deliver communications to all occupiers or a selected group as well as having one single point of reporting.
  2. Be instant – our portal gives everyone a voice, with tailored access and live notifications that instantly connects occupiers, owners, staff, contractors and local service providers.
  3. Be social – our portal connects your building with its occupiers and the surrounding area. Locale ensures that well-being services, community events and local offers are available on the portal – allowing you to provide the best experience.
  4. Be integrated – our portal is constantly evolving which is why we will also ensure that Locale speaks to other systems you rely on. Allowing you to keep everything in one place.
  5. Be streamlined– Locale’s portal can digitise your processes, communicating directly with you on the efficiency of your building and ensuring return on investment

We offer live demos of our solutions to anyone wishing to transform their building management. To book yours,

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