Redefining Offices Through Technology

The pandemic has disrupted the traditional office structure and has led us towards long-overdue conversations on what a workplace should and could be for building management, occupiers, and communities.

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Bridging Real Estate with the Community Discussed by a Panel of Industry Experts

Locale celebrates the success of another webinar, one that focussed on the importance of bridging the gap between real estate and local communities.

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Karen and Jack Hit Their 3-Year Anniversary

This month we are celebrating Karen and Jack hitting their 3-year anniversaries with Locale.

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Locale Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Surprise Chocolate!

Locale was excited to send a chocolate treat to their staff this Valentine’s Day.

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Adding value with Proptech

The internet has enabled technology to infiltrate all areas of our lives. However, real estate is a relatively late adopter where tech is concerned, though we have seen this shift of late and we’re learning to embrace it.

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Locale App Paves the Way for Contactless Building Entry

Locale is pleased to announce the latest features of their mobile app, offering advanced functionality for building and asset managers seeking touchless solutions during the current pandemic crisis. 

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Locale victorious at Property Week Management All Stars Awards 2019

We are delighted to have been crowned ‘Innovator/Systems Provider of the Year’ at the prestigious Property Week Management All Stars Awards last night. Read more

How can employee wellbeing impact property value?

It goes without saying that happy employees are more productive, but from a real-estate perspective how can this contribute to commercial property value? Technological innovation means that we are all working longer hours and often blurring the lines between home and work. Read more

Is occupier engagement the key to managing sustainable buildings?

Sustainability and efficiencies are on everyone’s minds at the moment, and increasingly it represents significant challenges and opportunities for the property industry. Owners, managers and occupiers are calling for greener properties Read more

Karen tells us about Locale’s apprenticeship programme

We’re looking for an apprentice!

Karen, head of Client Services here at Locale is going to tell us about her team and our exciting apprentice programme.

So Karen, tell us, what do you like best about working at Locale? Read more

Customer Service Week: Agility happens at Locale

We are celebrating National Customer Service Week and today’s theme is agility.

Ensuring we get back to our customers within a timely fashion is of up-most importance to Locale. So important in fact, that we promise to get back to our customers within four hours or less and our usual response time is less than forty minutes! Read more

Locale’s Louise showcases at Modern Art Oxford

Louise has been working for Locale for just over four months as a Production Assistant and has been a great asset to the team. Louise attended The University of Reading and achieved a 1st class degree in joint Art and History of Art, as well as assisting in the curation of New Greenham Arts where she managed the layout and display of the exhibition.

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