With a customer satisfaction rating of 99.2% in 2021, Locale Group’s newest appointed Board Member and Director of Customer Experience, Karen McCarthy, shares the magic formula to achieving an outstanding rating amongst customers.


Businesses should never underestimate the impact that customers have on their success. At Locale, we live and breathe for our customers. From the development of our features and services to the aftercare once a building has launched and implemented our solution, our approach has always been customer-first. 

We have taken the time to develop a dedicated customer care team. The pandemic highlighted more than ever the importance of a positive customer journey through maintained contact, offered reassurance, confidence, and an unrivaled understanding of a customers’ needs and concerns.

We have certainly achieved this with 100% of emails actioned in 2021 and responded to all queries within 45 minutes. More impressively, my customer care team’s average ticket resolution is under two hours. By being honest about what and when we can deliver, we have built a reputation of being trustworthy and reliable and delivering on our word. This is incredibly important to retention, a factor that can’t be taken for granted by small businesses. Frederick Reichheld, the inventor of the net promoter score, conducted a study that revealed increasing customer retention rates by 5% can boost profits by 25%. 

Any solid relationship is always a two-way street, which is why I think some businesses struggle to get a high level of customer satisfaction. My team works very hard to ensure all our customers are treated the same and leave a positive, lasting impression. We don’t have a ‘leave them until they come to us’ approach. Instead, we constantly have our ear to the ground as we believe their success is our success. By understanding their challenges, we can better support them and foresee future barriers. Ultimately, the demands of our customers are constantly evolving and we can only continue to offer a solution if we evolve too. 

Our core values have people at its heart. We understand the importance of transparency, collaboration, wellbeing, and commitment and therefore will always put our customers first. 


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