Locale helps Building Managers understand what they need to do to prepare for the arrival of the workforce now that September is here.

As we say goodbye to a ridiculously average UK Summer, we say hello to the start of autumn, and the classic ‘back to business’ feeling that comes with it. Despite Freedom day taking place back in July, office footfall has remained largely low, as workers take advantage of the new found work flexibility to enjoy the summer months from the comfort and convenience of their homes. However, the arrival of September means kids are back in school, a majority of annual leave has been taken, and it’s now time to buckle down. And what better place to do this than in a space that enhances the working experience through tech-enabled collaboration, innovation, and service?

It’s down to the Building Managers to create such a space to entice people back. First and foremost, it’s important to think about what the customers of the building want. Is it safe? Is it social? Is it a service? Any one of these could top the customer priority list, and all three can be achieved through technology. Below are three focus points for building managers to prepare for increased occupancy.

Managing the space

Property managers must be agile with their spaces to accommodate the new challenges. Primarily this will be social distancing, and ensuring spaces within buildings such as meeting rooms, elevators, and desks adhere to safety guidelines to ease the minds of customers. Tech can reinforce stricter cleanliness and hygiene protocols by sharing regular announcements on a centralised online platform or in real time push notifications. This could be sharing best practices, to availability of pop-up handwashing stations around the building. Some areas and facilities may also need to be bookable to reduce the risk of being overrun. Property management software can be implemented to create easily bookable slots for meeting rooms, and other services and facilities that the building may have.

High maintenance 

To truly have a ship shape and shining building ready for occupancy, keeping on top of maintenance will be crucial to an attractive and productive workplace. Helpdesk software allows managers to have a cloud-based and transparent means of raising and managing tickets through to completion. Staff and customers alike can create tickets on the move, complete with photo-capture and geolocation, enabling fully remote ticket management and quicker resolution. Furthermore. powerful data and analytics provide visual insight into trends and problem areas, enabling smarter management. 

Clear communication

Communicating with customers is always tricky, with building managers usually resorting to the time consuming methods of constant emails, mailouts, and outdated paper notices. With a digital property management solution such as the Locale App, building managers have access to a complete set of innovative features designed to support them in connecting with customers, and accessing, updating and managing information while on the go. It provides a blanket communication to the entire building, going straight to the palm of their hands. Customers will have instant knowledge of the latest guidelines, procedures, and information regarding their workplace, which will improve trust and confidence.



Must be functional but don’t forget about fun!

Finally, when property managers have mastered digital communication, maintenance and management for a safe, communicative building, don’t forget about treating the customers! Locale knows everyone loves a good discount, so drive engagement with Locale’s Offers and Promotions, a service that sources exclusive local deals, with customers notified via push notifications. Whether that’s a free ‘return to work’ pumpkin spiced latte from the local coffee shop or 20% off Pret, there’s nothing like a good perk to get the customers running back to your building – and staying there.

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