In celebration of National Customer Service Week 2020, Guy Windsor-Lewis, Founder & CEO of Locale, spends the afternoon as a Client Services Executive.

From apple picking to cosy autumn coffees, there is much to look forward to in October. But one standout occasion for Locale is the arrival of National Customer Service Week, an annual celebration taking place the first full week of October. It’s the perfect opportunity to raise awareness for the heroes at the frontline of your business, as every type of business, in every type of industry can suffer or succeed depending on the strength and performance of their customer service.

At Locale, we pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction rating, consistently sitting between 98%-100%. We attribute this success to our client services team, who are 100% committed to our clients. They pride themselves on quickly and efficiently solving issues, providing feedback to the team, and caring for our clients at every stage of their experience with Locale. To honour their hard work and dedication, our founder and CEO Guy Windsor-Lewis joins the department as a client services executive for the afternoon, reconnecting with our customers and gaining a deeper appreciation of the team and the many elements of their role.

Sophie Johnson, a member of the Client Services team at Locale, showed Guy the ropes of what is involved in the daily care of our customers.. She says “ Guy’s first job was to respond to a client ticket. This involved uploading 50+ documents to their portal to provide essential information for occupiers and management. These documents were specific to individual properties, so he needed to make sure the permissions were correct to ensure the right people had visibility.”

With Guy on the ground, Sophie was thrilled to showcase the different aspects of a client services role, saying, “I was really looking forward to showing Guy more of an insight into what our client services department does and how we deal with the requests. It’s great that the CEO of Locale is interested in the different aspects of his company and wants to get involved as much as he can. Guy is a regular around the office with an open door policy so it felt normal to have him in our department. Not only was he a pleasure to work with, but it was great to hear his thoughts about where he sees the company in the future as we continue to grow.”

After successfully solving the ticket and informing the client of the update, Guy completed his afternoon with client services, and was pleased to discuss the process with Sophie to understand where efficiency could be increased whilst not reducing the level of customer service. He says of the experience, “I was most looking forward to seeing if any of the processes that were established years ago had changed. I was also a little nervous about what tasks I was going to be set! Fortunately I was working with our Sophie who was easy on me. She set me a ticket which involved uploading a document to a residential apartment and checking if the user permissions were correct. Getting this right is key to building trust with our clients, and also not causing any GDPR concerns. While I was set quite a simple task, I understand how much work goes into building the perfect portal, and its ongoing upkeep.”

At Locale, there are many layers to the roles within client services, ranging from production requests to valuing and acting on feedback to department collaboration, all of which ensures we are giving first-class service every day. Only with recognition from leadership are those skills and capabilities nurtured and developed as a critical division of the business. It’s for this reason that Guy was ecstatic to use National Customer Service Week 2020 as an opportunity to show his appreciation for the team through on the ground support. Watch the full video here.

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