Locale is hiring an Account Manager,  so we grabbed five minutes with our Head of Sales and Marketing Jack, to get a feel for what a prospective candidate can expect from a career in our Sales department.

What’s your role & how do you contribute to the business?

It’s our job to ‘prepare the foundations’ (photo sorry!) which build strong relationships between us, our customers and partners, to help us deliver our goals.  We also are responsible for letting the world know about Locale and how fantastic our products and services are.  And to make sure they buy some too!

What do you see as being the most challenging part of your job?

There’s always a lot to do and sometimes it can be quite challenging to manage time and priorities.   You have to be flexible and focused, but there is an excellent and experienced team here who are ready to help guide and support.

We are recruiting for an account manager within your department, describe the person you feel would be best suited to the role and the company.

We are looking for someone who has extensive experience of managing sales accounts, who is happy to get involved from day 1, has bags of enthusiasm and wants to learn and improve their professional and sales skills.

What has been your best moment since joining Locale?

Being part of the team that won a large international account from our competitors.  There is nothing quite like that feeling when all that hard work pays off and we bring another customer on-board!

Why should someone consider working for Locale?

The company is successful and growing fast.  In this type of environment, you will learn new skills and develop quickly.  You will be challenged but you will have fun too.  It’s a great company to work for and it’s also a great time to join us!

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