In March 2014, Locale was tasked with implementing a successful SEO strategy on the Hyde Park Estate website. The client – The Church Commissioners – was looking to boost traffic to and ensure a greater overall understanding of the Hyde Park Estate.


After three months implementing both development-based improvements and content-based techniques, Google is contributing a significant 28.5% to the Hyde Park Estate’s traffic stats. This is up from 0% back in March. In total, organic search has contributed to 31.6% of traffic to the site over the past month. Average user session times are recorded at a whopping 8 minutes and 5 seconds; coupled with a bounce rate of 40% and an average page impression rating of 4.49: these results show new visitors to the site are finding interesting, relevant content and are moving around the website.

Like most SEO campaigns, Locale has targeted particular keywords throughout the site. Using the phrase ‘Hyde Park Estate Church Commissioners’ the Hyde Park Estate website is listed sixth out of 158,000 sites listed.

Future Developments

With another three months of maintaining the SEO campaign, Locale wants to work closer with the client to ensure the site’s content is as strong as it possibly can be, with the aim to boost traffic and search results further.

Project Manager Daisy Cropper explains: “SEO is an ever-changing game and we are constantly tweaking keywords and URLs to keep on top of the search results. To make as strong as it can be however, we’re now looking to add further content to make the site as useful to visitors as possible.”