This month we are celebrating Karen and Jack hitting their 3-year anniversaries with Locale.

Karen, our Head of Client Services, over the last 3 years has developed in her role professionally which has resulted in her building an amazing team who play a pivotal role within the company.
Guy, our CEO, said “When Karen started, we had a very fledgling approach to customer service and over her 3 years, Karen has created a department that handles thousands of tickets per year, regularly achieving 100% satisfaction ratings. Her enthusiasm for all things customer service has become a legendary topic within the business as Karen and the team continually strive for greater
Moving onto Jack, Head of Sales & Marketing. Jack is incredibly hard working his devotion has certainly been seen over the last few years. When asked to reflect on Jack’s last 3 years Guy said “Since arriving in March 2018, Jack has introduced a much-needed sense of order and process to the sales department. We now have established and enduring relationships on multiple levels with our major clients. Jack has also built a dynamic and effective marketing department which has contributed enormously to the wellbeing
and stability of the business.”
Both Karen and Jack have definitely made their mark within the company and we continue to love having them all around. We extend our thanks to them for their continued hard work, and as always, we can’t wait to see what their next 3 years brings.
Congratulations to both!

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