We’re looking for an apprentice!

Karen, head of Client Services here at Locale is going to tell us about her team and our exciting apprentice programme.

So Karen, tell us, what do you like best about working at Locale?

It is definitely the people, everyone is so friendly and committed to making a difference.

For people considering the Locale apprentice programme, tell us what a typical day in the Client Services team looks like?

Well to start with there is no such thing as a ‘typical day’ in Client Services! We are constantly talking to our clients, on the phone or via email – helping them to get the most out of our solution and being creative to solve problems.

Tell us a little about the apprentice role, what does it involve and what sort of skills/experience does a successful applicant need?

The apprentice role will benefit from full support and mentoring in customer service, and insight into a thriving technology company. We are looking for someone who is good with people; friendly, approachable and a good listener. But most importantly, someone who is passionate about learning new skills!


Thanks Karen! Does the Locale apprenticeship programme sound like a good fit for you? Click here for full details and how to apply.

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