Locale, the UK’s leading provider of digital solutions for real estate, today announces a strategic partnership with Doordeck, the leading digital access control platform, enabling app users to unlock doors from their smartphone and removing the need for physical keycards or fobs.

The integration of Doordeck within Locale’s app allows building staff and occupiers to use their smartphones as an access pass. Doordeck’s use of near field communication (NFC) technology delivers seamless and secure building access through introducing smart keyless and touchless entry. NFC enables communication between two electronic devices and is up to five times faster, more reliable, and secure than Bluetooth door access systems.

Building management teams can quickly grant door access based on an occupiers’ company or role, as well as instantly removing access rights when needed.

Thanks to Doordeck’s existing integrations with a long list of access control providers, this partnership offers access control integration within the Locale product without the obstacle of integrating with each provider directly, making portfolio-wide rollouts a breeze. Building managers and occupiers also benefit from enhanced security and efficiencies in cost and time as there is no need to handle lost or stolen key cards.

Locale’s app, which is used by nearly 3,000 occupier companies, offers management and communication modules including announcements, helpdesk, visitor management, local offers, live key and delivery alerts, contactless delivery signing, and building information.

Daniel Gorman, Chief Product Officer, The Locale Group, commented: “Having worked closely with the team at Doordeck we are proud to be launching our seamless digital access pass integration on Apple and Android. Led by the needs of occupiers, we aren’t resting on our laurels and are constantly looking to evolve our offering; strategic partnerships such as this one prove that the tech players are not just innovating and growing, they are proud to collaborate for the benefit of end-users.”

Marwan Kathayer, Joint CEO & Co-Founder at Doordeck, commented: “Providing staff and building tenants with Locale’s digital solution to building functionality and facility management is what adds great value when combined with Doordeck’s proposition. Unlike others in our space, we do not require any hardware to be changed. Instead, we sit alongside a building’s existing access control, making us the world’s only access control aggregator. Locale sees this as being particularly valuable for rollouts across whole portfolios where there is often a variety of pre-existing access control systems installed”.



*Locale is part of The Locale Group, which comprises three entities: Locale Ltd, Locale Look and Locale Life



Rishi Banerjee, Group Communications Director, The Locale Group
rishi@locale.co.uk / +44 (0) 1865 249 758


Marwan Kathayer, Joint CEO & Co-Founder, Doordeck Limited

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