Locale announce brand new, innovative and unrivaled new property and portfolio management tool.

Locale, the UK’s leading supplier in residential, commercial and mixed-use property management software for some of the UK’s most prestigious property brands and iconic landmarks has developed a new, ground-breaking property management tool that enables building managers to manage the requirements of multiple residential or commercial buildings within a single portal.

Since 2005, Locale’s reputation has been built upon delivering client inspired product and software solutions to empower clients and improve efficiencies. Having recognised that there was a need for a system that could streamline and simplify operations for multiple properties, Locale developed a unique solution that allows managers to manage multiple properties in real-time. Fast, accurate and easy to use, the new property management software offers increased efficiencies, minimises costs and offers reporting insights for every aspect of the building management.

Benefits include:

  • Time-saving through full digitisation of multiple processes
  • Complete visibility of the property portfolio including real-time data insights into operational aspects such as visitors, facility usage and post room holding times
  • Centralised reporting system and documentation
  • Easy to use, highly intuitive system
  • Fully configured around a client’s working processes


  • Reduces the need for multiple software licenses and paper-based processes
  • Standardised platform for further sites – quick and easy to roll out
  • Fully centralised system will further reduce training costs – tailored training manual, online training and 24/7 access to videos for quick and easy access to information, professional onsite training and daily support desk
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Greater overall occupier satisfaction leads to increased client retention

Guy Windsor-Lewis, CEO and Founder said: “We pride ourselves on always having a finger on the pulse of the ever changing proptech market, constantly re-evaluating our products and continually innovating. We recognised that property managers who manage a portfolio of properties all faced similar daily challenges – including wasting time collating multiple status reports, the need for real-time reporting and a lack of transparency when enforcing processes and subsequent compliance liabilities. Our new Portfolio portal is the first of its kind, it’s an innovative solution that guarantees genuine time and financial savings.”