Locale was excited to send a chocolate treat to their staff this Valentine’s Day.

With us all still working from home, we believed it was more important than ever to find ways to show our love and appreciation to everyone at Locale. So, this Valentine’s day, we sent out a bar of chocolate to each team member complete with a special customised wrapper to help define the true meaning of love.

There really is nothing the employees of Locale love more than chocolate, and whilst Valentine’s Day is always the perfect opportunity to indulge in sweet treats, we wanted to send a little treat of our own to maintain the love and joyous atmosphere of Locale from afar.

Until we can resume our normal hugs, bake-offs, and office laughs, it was a great Valentine’s gift to see smiles of the Locale team as their chocolate arrived through the post.

From all of us here at Locale, we wish you a very Happy Valentine’s day.

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