When the daffodils were blooming and spreading sunshine across the meadows, and new baby lambs were welcomed into the world, the (very important) feast of chocolate began across the lands…

Toni, our General Manager, had hatched a plan.

This is the first pun, and I’m afraid it won’t be the last. I have restricted myself to three puns throughout this post, and I have only two left; I’d better use them carefully!

So when the glorious chocolate feast arrived at the Locale office, Toni decided she wasn’t going to just give everyone Easter Eggs, they had to find them! Intrigued by this event, I began my investigation by interviewing various members of the team who had participated (unfortunately, I had just missed this, so I needed some reliable information). I firstly spoke to Guy A, who clued me in to the theatrics of the hunt. He revealed to me how fun it was to find the eggs. But how did they discover them?

This wasn’t an ordinary egg hunt, ladies and gentleman; it was a scavenger hunt!

Each member of staff was given cryptic clues to try and find their treat, and I quote, “mini chocolate eggs in a net…bag…thing.” So now that we have a clear visual of the treasured, sweet goods…

Guy A adores coffee (I’m yet to ask him if this adoration exceeds chocolate, so the jury is out on him for now) so for Toni, the sneaky task of hiding his treats and writing his clue would be relatively easy. Guy A tentatively opened the ink scribed paper to reveal a mysterious message:

It runs in your veins.

To begin with, this was a bit of a headscratcher, Guy A wasn’t aware of any creatures running amok within him! Cleverly, he thought that this puzzle could be solved with a little help from Vitamin C (coffee, that is) when EUREKA!

The coffee machine!

Guy A raced to the kitchen, although I should emphasise that he walked as quickly as he could because, as we know from health and safety, we mustn’t run in the office boys and girls! I should also point out that Guy A is relatively tall and towers over five foot me; with this in mind, the journey from one end of the office to the other is much quicker for him, so the walk didn’t take long, and I’m not at all bitter. He turned the corner and arrived at the coffee machine elated! Not only because he had arrived at the somewhat infinite fountain of java, but he’d also found his Easter Eggs! Well done, Guy A. But not everybody had solved their clues as easy as him…

Karen slightly struggled with the hunt. She’d just started working for Locale, and was very pleased and surprised that she was already being showered with chocolate! Well, she would be, if she could find those mischievous eggs. Karen cracked (second pun, in case you were keeping count) and asked for help. Some strong and efficient teamwork later, and Karen had found the ovular chocolate fortune, which she deemed simply lovely. But her work was not finished, yet! Another couple of hunters were stumped with their clues…

Hannah and Jade couldn’t understand the writing on their papers, but this is probably because the clues had been translated into the elvish language! Toni had been incredibly creative with this one, taking the time to make it egg-ceptionally difficult. (And that’s number three!) Jade felt that, of course, Toni had to up her game to match their intelligence; they needed a challenge, this could be the only reason why! A while later, Hannah and Jade were a little forlorn; they still hadn’t found their chocolaty goodness. Toni thought they needed some help, and so gave them more clues. Hannah was overcome with joy to eventually find hers in the beer fridge (nicely placed) and Jade on top of the bookcase (a symbol of her reputation as a bookworm, or more probably the intelligence thing).

Toni was incredibly happy, everyone had enjoyed their Easter Egg hunt. Everybody in the office had their net…bag…thing of deliciousness. Everybody, that is, except for Toni herself! Of course, she couldn’t have written her own clue, that would have been far too easy and no fun at all! So Guy A and the team decide to return the favour…

Pushing the boat out (straight from the horse, that is Guy A’s, mouth) and truly spoiling Toni as a thank you for all her efforts, the office team went on a Lindt shopping spree. I daresay this is probably one of the better sprees anyone could have! Laden with creamy, luxurious treats, the crew produced and delivered what can only be described as a Mega Scavenger Hunt (capital letters required). Toni gleefully, and successfully, completed all her clues. There were moments, of course, where she felt she would never reach the end of this hunt, as one clue led to another which led to another and so forth. But each clue she found resulted in some chocolate, so she had enough sugared fuel to finish her journey. As Toni reached that final, glorious goal, she was over the moon. Everything had worked out according to plan, and everyone joined in. This made the event wonderful and fun; Toni couldn’t have asked for more!

And most importantly, she certainly wouldn’t need to buy any more chocolate for herself that year. At least, not until Christmas!

Lastly, I will end this post with a promise. Jack overhears when I am interviewing different people around the office, particularly when I asked Guy A if there were any bunnies present. This question resulted in sad vibes, as they realised that there hadn’t been any, and this would perhaps have made the event even better (if that was possible). So Jack promises that next year will be bigger, better, bunnies. You heard it here first!

Jack will be dressing as a rabbit for next Easter!

And yes, there will be photos.

I should remind you all that when managing projects, there are usually 10-15% buffers for things like time duration and budgets. I rounded up on my estimations, and with that in mind…

That’s all yolks!

And that makes four!

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