Locale, a leading SaaS provider within Real Estate, is excited to introduce Locale Lite, an affordable package of Locale’s modular offerings.

Locale, a leading SaaS provider within Real Estate, is excited to introduce Locale Lite, an affordable package of Locale’s modular offerings, aimed to provide a simplified solution to strengthen communication and management for commercial and residential properties as the UK begins to reopen. 

Locale Lite has been developed for managing agents who are seeking to streamline their processes and communications ready for when people return to the office. This short-term offer is designed to support property portfolios in getting their physical spaces up and running whilst helping professionals safely return to the workplace. 

The commercial package includes digital forms and a document management, allowing customers to conveniently access important building content, data and forms online such as return-to-work permits, or building guidelines. 

The residential package includes deliveries and key management, allowing building staff and their residents to benefit from access to securely tracked parcels and enjoy streamlined key management as they start to return to work. 



With announcements and the mobile app available in both commercial and residential packages, customers can be sure that they are instantly up-to-date with all building news and guidelines from the palm of their hand.

Furthermore, the mobile app features a number of Locale’s core modules such as visitor management and helpdesk, supporting building staff and customers to digitally track and communicate issues within the building and upcoming visitors with push notifications.

Both packages are built to be an economic solution for portfolio property managers and owners, with prices starting from £1250 per annum, providing comfort and automation to their building staff and customers during a tricky transition at an affordable price. 

To further help building staff get the best use and to fully understand their portal, both Lite packages will include complimentary access to the Locale Academy, an online training centre that contains tutorials on Locale’s functionality. 

Guy Windsor-Lewis, chief executive and founder of Locale, says, “The launch of the Locale Lite package is to further reinforce our commitment to our customers and managing agents in these difficult times. As the real estate sector is presented with a set of unique challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to provide a simplified solution that focussed on the very basic needs of commercial and residential properties; one that was affordable to all properties, not just those with large service charge accounts”

To learn more about Locale Lite, register your interest here, or contact sales@locale.co.uk 


For Locale media enquiries, please contact: 

Caitlin Cook at caitlin@locale.co.uk

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