Locale, a pioneer in digital property management, is excited to announce their popular Helpdesk module has been optimised for mobile platforms as they drive app expansion in 2021.

Eager to offer an all-encompassing mobile platform that caters to needs and services of buildings across the UK, Locale is looking to propel their App to match their already vibrant desktop product, enabling accessibility like never before. With the introduction of the App Helpdesk, management teams and occupiers are given the capability to safely log, track and communicate maintenance requests from the palm of their hand.

Dan O’Gorman, Chief Product Officer at Locale, is thrilled to be extending the App with popular Locale modules, he says, “The Locale maintenance Helpdesk is used across hundreds of commercial and residential buildings to great effect. It provides a cloud-based and transparent means of raising and managing tickets through to completion, seamlessly connecting the different parties involved with automated updates. Furthermore, powerful data and analytics provide visual insight into trends that enable smarter management, whilst plug & play integrations join the dots with existing backend systems.”

He continues “We have developed a fully mobile app-version of the Helpdesk, available on iOS and Android. The mobile helpdesk seamlessly connects with the central system enabling fully remote ticket management. Customers can create tickets on the move, complete with photo-capture and geolocation, with live desktop dashboard reporting. Management teams can create, attend and manage with speed, making resolution quicker than ever!”

Key benefits building management teams and their customers can expect from the App Helpdesk include:

  • Freedom for customers to log a maintenance request ticket whilst on the go – including the functionality to attach a photo of the issue being reported.
  • Increased transparency for customers who have logged the issue, receiving proactive updates on their tickets.
  • Management teams can resolve maintenance request tickets remotely.
  • Ability for building teams to view a list of tickets they have been assigned and prioritise/update them from their mobile devices.
  • Access to new features like location pins against photos and notifications when tickets are due.
  • Visibility of Helpdesk ticket volumes, enabling management teams to identify the time taken to resolve tickets, as well as any problem areas. 

Locale is transforming the way people think about real estate. Its technology-enabled innovation empowers people to work smarter, more efficiently, and ultimately deliver customer experiences that puts them ahead of the competition. To find out more on the Locale pp and the upcoming launch of the App Helpdesk, please visit www.locale.co.uk or  watch our promo video

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