Louise has been working for Locale for just over four months as a Production Assistant and has been a great asset to the team. Louise attended The University of Reading and achieved a 1st class degree in joint Art and History of Art, as well as assisting in the curation of New Greenham Arts where she managed the layout and display of the exhibition.

After months of hard work, Louise held her art exhibition at Modern Art Oxford. ‘Vanishing Point’ is a film she produced which explores the transience of in-between spaces. The story skilfully mixes the mediums of music, lucid animations and poetry to tell a Science Fiction tale. The characters are converted into energy patterns and beamed to a target to be reconverted into matter, investigating the transition between identities and ‘thus how identity is a temporary construction which is layered upon the self’.

As you enter the exhibition, you walk through a corridor, a sensor alarming ominous Sci-Fi sounds immediately immersing you into the theme. Bright blue LED lighting fills the room as you make your way around the corner into another passage, portraying the sense of dislocation in-between space-time.


Louise Povey, Platform 18: Vanishing Point installation view, 2018 © Modern Art Oxford. Photo: Stu Allsopp.


Louise also presented an enlightening Artist Talk regarding her thought processes building up to her final installation.

The atmosphere Louise creates is as amazing as the film itself, all adding up to a fantastic artistic display. Some of the Locale team attended and had an all-round good day out and was thoroughly enjoyed by all, great job Louise!


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