Forward-thinking managing agents, M J Mapp made the strategic decision in 2018 to partner with Locale, equipping their UK portfolio with an unparalleled solution to support their site management and provide an instant communication channel.

‘Locale brings us closer than ever to our customers’

Robert Stark, Senior Executive Director, M J Mapp

One of the key challenges faced by managing agents in today’s environment is occupier engagement, and user centricity is key. Property consumers, investors and occupiers expect a building to provide the same level of service as any other commercial provider. The ideal solution would be adaptable and scalable in order to meet the needs of a portfolio of residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. M J Mapp sought a solution that could be flexed to meet the needs of different environments whilst maintaining the same level of value to management and occupiers.

‘M J Mapp understand the benefits of a powerful 360 customer experience, focusing not just on the occupiers but with all those that engage and interact with the building’

Guy Windsor-Lewis, CEO & Founder, Locale

To meet this challenge and innovate their offering, M J Mapp made the strategic decision to partner with Locale, providing their property portfolio of around 900 properties and 4,500 occupiers with a revolutionary communication, property management and occupier experience platform. Locale currently serve over 52 million sq. foot of commercial, residential and mixed-use property in the UK and connect 100,000 occupiers every year.

‘Locale enables the digitisation of our ecosystem, ensuring that data is visible, accessible and available 24/7’

Robert Stark, Senior Executive Director, M J Mapp

The occupier portal provided by Locale allows data and communications to be sent to and from customers, providing them with an immediate view into the operation of their building. The service provided from Locale allows remote access to health & safety, compliance, financial and service charge information and property data 24/7. Locale also provides the occupiers with the ability to manage their environment, including security, deliveries, room bookings, visitors and local services. This engages the occupier community, increasing tenant retention, satisfaction and by extension, income to clients.

‘The introduction of Locale across the entirety of M J Mapp’s UK portfolio is a landmark partnership for us. The bold decision by M J Mapp to launch portfolio-wide reaffirms that our adaptive property management technology adds value to all property types, giving valuable time back to managing agents without investing in multiple platforms’

Guy Windsor-Lewis, CEO & Founder, Locale

The sector agnostic nature of Locale allows integration with all property types, allowing us to deliver seamless service to all occupiers. M J Mapp sought a solution that could be scaled to meet the requirements of all the occupiers in its managed estate, so that everyone shares the benefits, regardless of the size of the property under management.

‘This approach provides a truly unique commercial proposition. The introduction of Locale’s technology allows M J Mapp to introduce a solution that caters to all sites, adding value, increasing efficiencies and creating a memorable occupier experience.’

M J Mapp

M J Mapp’s unique approach to property management through the portfolio-wide roll out of Locale will enhance their already respected position in the market as one of the most innovative managing agents in the UK. Their strategy to streamline their facilities management and building communication through Locale will transform the way in which their portfolio is managed; reducing operational costs; increasing efficiency; adding value to occupiers and enhancing portfolio wide communications.

‘Locale forms a key part of their overarching strategy, allowing flexibility and delivery of best in class solutions for our customers’.

M J Mapp

The technologies unique ability to respond to aggregated feedback in real-time will have a key impact on M J Mapp’s property managers, according to Robert Stark. The ability to provide communications across their entire managed estate will leave them freer to focus on daily management.

Locale Account Manager, Rob Maxwell praised M J Mapp for their ‘forward thinking attitude and their view that combining service and technology provides real benefit to managers and occupiers alike’.

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