These are certainly strange and unprecedented times. Working from home or remotely is second nature to a lot but for some it comes as a new challenge, however dealing with this new environment is even more taxing when one also has to take on the role of teacher! With all children (apart from those with key worker parents) now at home, it is increasingly important to keep them stimulated and occupied enough to carry on keeping British businesses going, as well as those trying to keep sane at home.

We have some good news for all you parents tearing your hair out whilst trying to work from home! Locale Life is the tenant experience arm of Locale and this doesn’t stop even in a lock down, if anything it is of even more importance.

Coming soon, for your building to access remotely – a host of content, delivery services and exclusive to your building (even when tenants aren’t in it!). Here is a sneak preview:


For a little bit of culture, virtual museum and gallery tours



To keep the kids educated and entertained, live lessons and activities



Discounted delivery of goods to keep stocked up, or just a little treat


Locale Life will be offering these services on building portals, get in contact if you’d like to make these activities available for your tenants.

In the meantime, get started with a few free resources to keep children entertained

  1. Quizlet – for free learning resources on all subjects
  2. IXL for personalised, curriculum based resources
  3. BBC Bitesize for exam preparation and resources for all ages
  4. Live Lessons for kids, also from the BBC
  5. Duolingo for language lessons and games
  6. Carol Vorderman Maths lessons, now being offered for free
  7. PE Lessons with Joe Wicks for kids and parents
  8. Story Time audio with David Walliams
  9. The School Run for advice on setting lesson timetables
  10. Discovery Museums for virtual tours and games


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