As the country is entering an odd and unprecedented dystopia due to the Covid-19 outbreak, businesses must take new and innovative steps to keep going. Situations like these call for increased use of technology to keep society and businesses going. At Locale we are lucky to be operating a business model that is cloud-based and remote, but we also offer a solution that provides property management with the tools to manage remotely and enhances capabilities for working and community creation, regardless of location.

Here are a few simple ways that property technology can make things easier:


With most staff, family and friends isolating and working remotely effective communication is of paramount importance, particularly when it comes to property management. Digital property management systems like Locale allow you to send fast and informative communications out to occupiers and residents. Here are a few ways Locale can help with communication:

Send out an Announcement about closures and safety information

Set up a private Group for building management team to share ideas

Send email or push notifications of deliveries available for collection


In the age of flexible working, working from home is quite common place for a lot of businesses these days, the difference is when EVERYONE is at home. This can drastically affect productivity levels. For businesses to survive extra measures are needed to keep up morale and productivity. Here are a few ways Locale can help with productivity:

Encourage cross-company collaboration by setting up department Groups

Get local retailers & food outlets to advertise delivery services on Offers & Promotions

Manage office keys for collection of essential employee hardware with the Key Management module


Many buildings may be going into lock down but key services remain, not to mention buildings need regular monitoring and upkeep to keep them going even without people. Remote management, monitoring and reporting is the utmost importance, here are a few ways Locale can help with management:

Raise, monitor and track essential maintenance requests via the digital Helpdesk

Organise deliveries and alert residents via the Deliveries module

Allow essential visitors to register and book into the building with Visitor Management

Locale provides simple, white-labelled property management solutions that create happier, healthier places to live and work. If you’re in need of a solution to help your workforce cope remotely or manage your building from isolation, why not try a demo here.

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