The Shard’s portal, renamed My Vertical City, will be relaunched later this month.

The redesigned portal will match The Shard’s updated marketing website. As before, the portal will work as a sister website (for building occupiers and the estate management team) to The Shard’s public access site.

As a mixed-use development, the ‘vertical city’ offers over 30 acres of prime London space, currently occupied by a hotel, three restaurants, retail, office, residential apartments and a public viewing gallery. The management challenge is an immense undertaking with hundreds of occupiers, staff, security and front of house teams. From the management of loading bays to the smooth induction of new starters and contractors, combined with the daily traffic of thousands of occupiers and visitors, the building management responsibilities are huge.

Due to the challenges My Vertical City must help the estate management team face, the portal has become more configurable and adaptable to The Shard’s evolving processes. As well as this, there is now a larger focus on The Shard Members area, exclusively for occupiers with a ‘Shard Card’. The card can be used with local businesses and offers various discounts, along with a range of services.

Another new feature is the site’s responsive structure. My Vertical City can be viewed on any device making it easily accessible when occupiers are on the move. 

The team at The Shard, who rely on the portal, explain: “My Vertical City is an integral part of the day-to-day running of The Shard, it is our platform of communication, hosting a range of building services and member benefits. Collaborating with Locale has helped us streamline our operational processes, creating a virtual community space for the occupiers of our vertical city.”

My Vertical City’s new look is slick, new and contemporary, perfectly matching that of The Shard’s.