To celebrate Pride, Locale Group, a provider of digital property management, engagement, and communication services, discusses the importance of empowering teams to be their full authentic selves within the workplace.

June is recognised across the globe as a month to celebrate Pride: an event that champions inclusivity, diversity, and identity whilst spotlighting the achievements and challenges of the LGBT+ community. In 2021, people are far more conscious of the social impact of brands and businesses, with more accountability laying with decision-makers like never before. It is essential that leadership within businesses take responsibility in empowering their teams to bring their full identities to the workplace without fear of discrimination. YouGov research reveals that more than a third of LGBT+ staff have hidden their sexual orientation or gender identity at work for fear of discrimination, with the figure rising to 51% for trans staff, and to 42% for BAME LGBT employees.

So what can businesses do to foster a safe and inclusive workplace for the LGBT+ community? 

Organisations will have teams made up of diverse people with different sets of experiences, values, beliefs and cultures, and good leadership will know that this can have a fantastic outcome on contributions and office dynamics. On the flip side, there is a risk of discriminatory behaviour, either intentional or not, making it critical that policies and procedures are constantly evaluated to protect groups from unfair or bullying behaviour. 

Hosting workshops that focus on inclusion, equality, and diversity have become the norm within organisations in recent years, with the purpose to educate staff on best practice, enhance knowledge and awareness, and increase understanding of the challenges faced by certain communities. For a workshop on LGBT inclusion, this could include managing correct pronouns. Having these available will surely improve relationships between teams as it removes uncertainty from staff who are unsure how to correctly ask or approach the subject. It is important that these workshops are not just one-off events to be ticked off every couple of years. To break barriers between people of the LGBT+ community and their place of work for good, workshops that offer training and awareness on inclusion and diversity must be frequently available – even mandatory – to foster a continuously positive workplace environment for all.

To support Pride 2021, Locale Group will be donating to Stonewall, a charity that is committed to  driving positive change in public attitudes and public policy for LGBT+ communities across the globe. Be a part of making transformative change in the lives of LGBTQ+ people in the UK by donating here.

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