For the Locale Bake-Off this year, each member of the team wanted a slice of the action and we had over 20 entries! The table was laden with a delicious variety of sweet and savoury goods that looked good enough to eat – which is always a great start!

In the savoury section, we had Miniature Pies, Sausage Rolls, BBQ Chicken and Quiche, to name a few! Who ate all the pies?? We did!!

For the sweet options, there were Welsh Cakes, Crepes with Homemade Jam, Carrot Cake, Ginger Cake, White Chocolate Rocky Road, Brownies and Cookies. We also had some extra-creative contestants who were desperate to win; one baked Cupcakes with icing the colour of Locale Blue, and another made something that resembled a Wedding Cake!!

After we had tasted all the entries and stopped loafing around, we decided on our winners….


Rob won ‘The Better Looking’, or Prettiest, award – for his food I might like to add! Rob’s scotch eggs were beautifully presented, and enthused that it was good fun; the award just helped to sweeten the deal!

Jael won the award for ‘The Most Delicious’ which was a piece of cake – literally! Jael baked a Ginger Cake which was laden with Brandy and perfectly moist.

Congratulations to the Rob and Jael, the King and Queen of Baking! This was a great bonding time for the team, in the end we were even finishing each other’s sandwiches!

And for Guy the CEO, you might win one day…

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