Christmas came early for Locale last week as Jael, our Assistant Project Manager printed the new Christmas Labels!

The themed labels come in three options: snowflakes, bells and Christmas tree’s, which you can see below.

Our labels are used by a property’s concierge to scan and log deliveries in and out for residents. In the event a delivery doesn’t have a label, for example dry cleaning, one of our’s can be placed on the delivery instead. A label can also be placed if the previous one has been damaged. The barcode is then scanned into the system, saving time. Additionally the labels can be used if there are several barcodes on the parcel already, it can be used as a master label to compliment existing branding.

The labels below are only samples, the Locale logo will be replaced with the development’s.

If you’re interested in placing an order for the seasonal labels, please contact our Client Services team on 01865 249758.