After a painful first three and half months of 2021 stuck in our homes, struggling with winter blues and non-existent motivation,  the return to the outside world is finally here (in some capacity), with the UK finally reopening non-essential shops, outside eating and drinking, and the reopening of office spaces earlier this month

While this must absolutely be celebrated with a trip to the local pub garden, retail therapy, and office banter, it’s still going to be a struggle for many to adapt to the COVID-19 guidelines, as well as attempting to get back to a sense of normalcy after such an extended period of time within the confines of one’s home. This will be particularly challenging for professionals hoping to get back to regular workplaces, leaving behind their safe and secure home office spaces, as well as the flexibility this brought.

The real estate sector will be facing unique challenges as it must compete with the benefits the working-from-home experiment offered, whilst also providing safe COVID-friendly spaces to entice the workforce back. Managing agents will be tasked with putting together solid building reoccupation strategies to ensure their customers can feel confident returning to the office.

To support property portfolios, big and small, with their building reoccupation strategy, Locale has launched Locale Lite, a simplified and affordable package of our modular offerings, designed to help managing agents get their spaces fit for purpose. Below, we have outlined three ways which the Lite package will raise confidence with both building staff and their customers in returning to office spaces…

  1. Consistent Communication 


For managing agents, one of the biggest challenges posed by the pandemic is a lack of a singular communication channel to their various stakeholders and customers. Without the proper software in place, communication becomes disjointed, with piles of emails that unfortunately mean a lot of people ending up missing out on important information and updates regarding their building. By introducing Locale Lite, you provide your stakeholders access to a centralised, online communications platform that is cloud-based, and accessible remotely via desktop, tablet, and mobile app. You can keep people informed wherever they are based with regular updates on the actions being taken to keep the space COVID-secure, where hand-sanitation stations are, and much more.

2. Contactless Interactions 



Online property management solutions such as Locale Lite digitise content and communication, centralising all documents, forms and processes within a singular hub. This enables users a contactless means of accessing digital forms such as return-to-work assessments, permits, or even being able to report suspected cases which automatically notifies building teams and track open cases. Being able to digitally store important documents that promote employee safety such as guides on the safety measures being taken, current government rules, seating plans ect, allows users convenient access, removing the need to interact with staff to obtain them whether through email or face-to-face.

3. Remote Management  



Unfortunately, not everyone will feel comfortable returning to the office once it’s possible. The focus for managing agents here should be to create a stable business environment, one that makes all staff and customers feel supported with the option of flexibility being key to this. Locale Lite includes the Locale mobile app, making remote property management and communication easier and more streamlined than ever. Building management can fully brief and inform all new safety measures, updates, and much more straight to their palm of the customers hand. Further to communication, the mobile app features some of Locale’s most popular modular offerings such as Deliveries, enabling contactless delivery collection with email/push notifications and scan-to-collect features, and Helpdesk, which supports management teams and occupiers to log, track and communicate maintenance requests and concerns either on site or remotely. 

If you want to implement a simplified property management solution to ensure the successful reopening of your building, as well as raise the confidence of your staff and customers, then register your interest for Locale Lite here, or contact

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