Introducing Locale Academy

“How do I add a guest to the visitor log?” – “Have you checked the manual?” “Oh, the thing we use to prop the door open you mean?”

Sound familiar? It is the case for so many software-as-a-service providers that methods of customer onboarding are strangely traditional when compared to the product you’re purchasing.

If a company preaches technology and innovation, surely this should apply to getting customers up to speed on how the platform works?

Traditional training manuals, and crib sheets should be a thing of the past. The professional learner is constantly distracted, so training more than ever needs to compete against more pressing or engaging things they could be doing instead.


Locale Academy, the new digital training platform from Locale


Getting the most out of a software purchase is important for every company, not only just value for money but also to keep your staff happy. According to go2HR, as many as 40% of workers leave their jobs within the first year as a result of poor training.

With a digital solution for just about any task you can think of, making sure employees have the specific knowledge to use a piece of software that will increase efficiencies or deliver an enhanced service for your customers is more vital than ever. For decision makers, this onboarding solution is becoming a key factor when purchasing new software and rightly so.

For service providers achieving the sale is the ultimate goal, however for the customer or the user this is just the beginning. At Locale, we believe in looking after our customers at every step of our relationship,  which is why we are proud to be providing an innovative alternative to onboarding our customers and their teams to our efficiency-driving platform. Find out more here.

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